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Anyone for Tennis?

The arrival of Wimbledon got us thinking what we could do to help you ‘Ace’ the competition, and gain a distinct ‘Advantage’ in helping you ‘Serve’ up a fabulous Promotional Marketing campaign.

MRM offer many different types of solutions to assist your business in setting up and running your promotions, from bespoke outsourcing solutions, to running cashbacks, and plenty more in between.  And whether you’re looking for something to drive sales, or a more logistically based solution we believe our experience and understanding that every campaign is different will mean that your needs will be met without a ‘fault’.

So to give you a ‘break’ from worrying about how to add value to your business, choose us as your partner for your game of ‘doubles’. And, not that we’re ‘point’ scoring, but we believe we will never end up at ‘deuce’ with our competition!

So whilst you tuck into your strawberries and cream, have a look at what we can offer you with regards to your promotional marketing needs – and we can promise you, rain never stops play with MRM!

Give us a call on 01858 414777 or drop us an email at sales@mrm.co.uk and ‘let’ us help you ‘smash’ your competitors!

Some fun Wimbledon facts for you to impress your colleagues with over the water cooler!

·         To keep the courts clear of those pesky London pigeons, a hawk named Rufus swoops around to scare them off, Rufus lives in Corby, Northamptonshire (just a few miles away from MRM HQ!), Rufus even has his own accounts on Twitter and Facebook, and his own Wimbledon security photo pass!

·         The record for the most aces goes to John Isner, with 214 during Wimbledon 2018, he also has the record for the most in a single match with 113 during his 11 hour match with Nicolas Mahut.  He still has a bit of catching up to do to match with Ivo Karolvic who has an outstanding 13,402 across his career.

·         During the tournament, over 54,000 match balls are used, and are replaced every 7-9 games to make sure they’re in perfect shape.  Those not being used are stored in a refrigerator until needed and kept at exactly 68 degrees Fahrenheit, which apparently controls the bounce!  Wimbledon used to use white balls, until they were replaced in 1986 with yellow to make them more visible for television.

·         The record for the fastest men’s serve at Wimbledon belongs to US player Taylor Dent, whose ball clocked in at a top speed of 147mph, American Venus Williams is the women’s record holder, smashing a serve in at 127mph.

·         Some tennis players are known for being particularly noisy with all the physical effort of hitting the ball, Russia’s Maria Sharapova has the record for the loudest grunt reaching 105 decibels, which is about the same as standing next to an accelerating motorcycle!

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