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Creating customer loyalty: Sample fulfilment & storage

“On average a loyal customer spends 67% more than new ones and it can cost up to 7x more to acquire a new customer to retain an old one”1

Insight like this amply demonstrates why it’s important to focus your sales strategy on rewarding your current customers alongside offering benefits for new customers.

We can evidence many campaigns where we have helped clients adopt this strategy to target both old and new customers!  By offering free samples, it can help to penetrate new markets and reach out to new target audiences, alongside rewarding your most loyal customers, boosting your opportunity to drive repeat purchasing.

Sampling has long been used as a face-to-face marketing strategy in the food industry; as who can resist a quick nibble of chocolate or a piece of cheese on a cocktail stick whilst you are walking around a supermarket? But sampling doesn’t have to be just reserved for face-to-face marketing or the food industry.

Sample fulfilment can easily be integrated with the marketing strategy of many industry sectors. Samples can be sent directly to your customers, client & staff home addresses rather than just being used as an in-store technique.

Our services for Samples

We have the capacity to send out small or large volumes, our services are fully flexible:

-         Storage (Long & short term storage options)

-         Sorting, Counting & Bulk despatch (Deliver in bulk and we can separate the samples into the quantities you need)

-         Individual fulfilment (pick and pack individual samples into outer packaging along with a leaflet/flyer or a handwritten note and despatch directly to your customers, clients and staff home addresses)

-         Returns management (we can deal with any returns and update you with the reason for return and put the item back into stock)

Next blog: we can also incorporate a microsite to support with gathering and collecting data from your customers samples.

If you have a brief or would like to hear more about our the services we provide get in touch by either emailing or call 01858 414767.

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