17/11/2020 | International, stock management, storage, brexit

International Stock Management: ‘Global Britain’ or ‘Chaotic Britain’?

In January 2021 will it be a Global Britain or Chaotic Britain for your international stock management strategy?

We know currently the ports are experiencing blockages, we know imports and exports are not going to arrive on schedule, and we do know that the government is planning and preparing for all eventualities. The question is, is your company ready?

Here at MRM, as we continue through Lockdown 2.0, we are business as usual - with some extra hand sanitiser and social distancing in place. Looking ahead we would like to highlight some key differences for 2021 that are starting to emerge and how we can all prepare for them.

Christmas Stock Delays and Storage Shortages

Christmas imports and a vast backlog of NHS PPE equipment has started to clog up the UK’s largest port1. Planning and allowing that delivery dates might get extended is key.

Less visible, but just as real is the impact on the available capacity of storage facilities across the country. At MRM, we have a wide range of storage solutions including Long term, Short term, Drop shipping & Secure Storage for high-value items. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.

Brexit Preparations