23/03/2021 | Digital promotions, Microsite

Promotional microsite set-up and digital promotions

Have you and your brand been considering what promotions to run this year?   

Perhaps, you have been looking into what competitions and sales promotions you can offer virtually? Since Covid, it has now been announced that the average person spends an additional hour each day online, increasing from 5 hours 28 minutes in 2020 to 6 hours 26 minutes in 20211

Or perhaps you have been considering which options are available in offering a new & fun incentive to attract and engage with your consumers more?

Well, look no further as our promotional microsites and digital campaigns are perfect for just this. By having our own in-house IT team we can build any promotional microsite that is bespoke for all your needs. We’ve previously provided the following microsites alongside fulfilment for major brands: Instant win, promotional codes, online scratch and win, try me free, free gift promotions, cashback campaigns and more…

So why are digital promotions so compelling and what are the benefits?

Digital promotions are ideal at grabbing the customers’ attention and offering an added incentive to purchase. After all, who doesn’t love the opportunity to win something?

  • They also can provide the following benefits:
  •  Enable you to collect valuable consumer data
  • Allows you to engage with your audience
  • Supports in building awareness to your brand
  • Encourages word-of-mouth

A regular misconception that we hear about promotional microsites is that they are too expensive for smaller brands that have a limited marketing budget. These campaigns can be as complex as you like and aren’t all budget braking so don’t hesitate to get in touch to hear about what we can offer.

How can we support?

We offer a simple and full end-to-end solution from microsite set-up to the day-to-day running of the logistics and management of your campaign. Our services:

  • Microsite Set-up, Our internal IT team can create and develop the mechanics ready for your consumers to enter.
  • Prize Sourcing
  • Customer Services, Automated emails, answering email/phone queries
  • We are CAP code competiton compliant
  • We can also integrate your digital campaign and fulfil physical gifts to individual consumer
  • We can also put you in touch with our connections to discuss fixed fee insurance if needed.

Next Steps?

Simply send across your brief or get in touch with Helen at or call to discuss further on 01858 414 767


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