15/09/2020 | Samples, Fulfilment

Sample Fulfilment: Attracting new customers in 2020!

Attracting new customers in 2020 is an ever changing challenge. For now at least you can no longer use simple marketing techniques such as handing out free samples in store to bring awareness to a new product. Brands this year are having to try out alternative ways to create awareness and drive brand engagement.

As we start moving into the later months of the year and with Christmas soon around the corner, the differences are already evident. We’ve already heard news that Christmas markets are being cancelled or reduced, confirming that it’s going to be a while till live shopper events can resume. Nevertheless, at MRM we can help! See below alternative ways that could improve your sales in traditionally the last quarter of your financial year and don’t hesitate to get in touch to hear more about how we can help your brand.

Sample Fulfilment

Sending out samples is particularly useful when trialing a new product. As brands are no longer able to hand out free samples in store, how about sending your samples directly to your new customers? With the added benefit of creating a database the ongoing brand engagement.

Social media and online giveaways are ideal for targeting your customer demographic. Perfect for collecting new customer details and receiving feedback all within an easy to run campaign. This type of promotion is particularly effective for the cosmetics and FMCG markets.

Surprise & Delight

Surprise and delight promotions are brilliant at rewarding loyal customers that you have already on your database. This is where you send a gift or reward to a customer when they are not expecting it. This can encourage customer loyalty and motivate word-of-mouth marketing; it can also drive your loyal customers to share their excitement on social media which encourages further potential customers to buy.

MRM & How we can help!

At MRM we manage a wide range of sample fulfilment and surprise and delight promotions. With our expertise you can be assured that your products and customers are in safe hands. All you need to let us know is the size of the product, approx. volume(s) and any other preferred requirements (such as environmentally friendly packaging) - then sit back and relax. We will make it easy for you - providing a detailed quote including the best packaging solutions, discounted despatch options (UK & International options) and cost saving options, ensuring your samples are delivered directly to your customers’ door.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch today by either calling Helen on 01858 414 767 or emailing

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