25/08/2020 | cashback, promotional fulfilment

The secrets to a successful cashback campaign

MRM provides bespoke off the shelf cashback solutions that deliver an easy to set up campaign. From initial brief to live promotion, a new campaign can be ready within less than two weeks. 

Secret 1: Get in touch with us early

At MRM we are always happy to assist and give advice.

By involving us right from the onset, we can offer solutions and advice that will aid your planning. Our expertise in administrating cashback's means your campaign will run smoothly.

Secret 2: Consider your marketing communications

Are you marketing a high value or low value products?

It’s important to consider how you promote your cashback campaign and this will likely depend on the product category. For FMCG products that are naturally fast selling, the easiest route can be an on pack ‘flash’ or in-store shelf wobbler.

Yet for high value products (such as home appliances) with a slower rate of sale and a lengthier distribution network from manufacturer to distributor/wholesaler to retailer, it's not always easy to create a limited time campaign that is promoted on your brand packaging. 

Think outside the box (excuse the pun!) by getting the best out of your social media and digital platforms. Tactical point of sale such as posters, countertop units, shelf barkers / wobblers will also draw attention to your campaign but may be reliant on your retailers to implement. 

MRM provides POS collation & distribution services to retailers to support tactical campaigns or by using one of our trusted partners to physically install POS in store, we can even supply photographic evidence.

Alternatively, why not be creative by incentivising retailers to comply with your hard-negotiated retailer POS kits by giving them a chance to win vouchers / prize for the best POS display?!

Secret 3: Create a simple customer journey

Creating a simple customer journey is essential. 

Creating a simple customer journey is essential for a smooth running campaign.

Our cashback platforms allow for the easy uploading of proof of purchase – from a scanned PDF of a product receipt through to video / photo files for more complex validation requirements.

Cashbacks don't need to be expensive or complicated to set up – we make the process easy and intuitive for your as our client and for your customers, delivering a positive customer journey throughout.

Secret 3: Create a simple customer journey

Creating a simple customer journey is essential. 

Our system can automatically send emails throughout the claim process, keeping them regularly up-to-date.

By keeping your customers informed you demonstrating how much you value them. This can provide long-term benefits such as positive word of mouth endorsement and repurchases later down the line.

Equally, by sending regular updates it can eliminate customer confusion and reduce customers having to get into contact via phone or email. Allowing you to focus on other important matters. 

Secret 5: Using customer data

Think about how you want to use your customer data before you run your campaign.

Data capture can be extremely useful for future campaigns. Thinking about what data you need and would like the campaign to provide, after can be invaluable and a fantastic insight into understanding your customers more.

Secret 6: Fraud prevention

Our cashback platform follows two stages of validation to minimise fraudulent consumer attempts.

Our customer friendly system allows customer to easily upload their receipt when making a claim. One submitted, automated checks are followed by the system. Once validated, this is sent directly to our in-house Customer Services team who perform several manual validation checks against defined criteria (these can be personalised to meet your bespoke requirements). Once the claim has been validated (within 48 hours from receipt) it goes through for automated payment to the customer’s bank account. At each stage of the journey, an email notification keeps your consumer fully informed on the status of their claim, meaning they have a positive brand experience.

Get in touch today – we’ll look after all your requirements.

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