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Ship the mother-in-law to the Bermuda Triangle

I’m sure more than a handful of us are guilty of wishing we could ship the mother-in-law off on a one-way trip to the Bermuda Triangle, but the reality is that of a logistical nightmare.

Or is it?

Here at MRM we are regularly asked to ship the weird and the wonderful all over the world (admittedly no mother-in-law requests have come in yet).

But imagine for a moment that your mother-in-law was made of glass (she’d be an awful lot quieter which some might say is an improvement) but how would you go about shipping her now? I mean you want rid of her but you don’t want her shattering into a million pieces!

Or what if she suddenly grew by 6 foot in height and 3 foot in width. You’d need more stamps than she’s had birthdays!

And then what if she was made of chocolate (no you can’t eat her, that’s just wrong!) but again you don’t want her to break or melt while in transit.

Return to sender

And what if you wanted to send her to a different location, perhaps to another family as a holiday gift. Would you tie her up in a bow or add a personalised, hand-written note?

And what about when you actually realise you miss her – can you get her returned safe and sound?

It’s all in a day’s work

All joking aside, it’s a normal day’s work for the MRM production team to have to think about the logistics of each and every item that comes in to MRM for pick, pack and despatch.

Whether it be prizes for a competition, merchandise from e-commerce orders, bespoke hand-collated blogger/VIP boxes or POS to be shipped out to an event and collected afterwards, the team works hard to make sure that every item is packaged in the most appropriate packaging, with the necessary fillers for protection and even taking into account sustainability and protection of our environment.

Every parcel that leaves our premises will have been drop tested, crush tested and mail tested to make sure your customers will receive them exactly how you want them too – in pristine condition. So who knows, perhaps mailing your mother-in-law will be available in the future!

In the meantime to tickle your fancy here is a snapshot of some of the weird, wonderful and oversized things that we have distributed over the years:

  • 631,000 light bulbs – hand wrapped, collated into FSDUs and shipped to DIY stores in the UK
  • Tractor parts – shipped all over the world
  • 15,000 bicycles – shipped to schools all over the UK
  • 2,000 Christmas baubles – nestled in protective tissue and luxury wooden boxes then shipped to winners of a Christmas competition
  • An eight foot high wooden tree for a ‘green’ event – shipped out and returned for checking and further storage till the next event
  • Hand collated ‘fast and perfect’ luxury skincare boxes shipped out in the thousands to subscribers each month
  • 1,100 branded glasses, in protective air-filled packaging and carefully wrapped before being sent direct to consumers
  • 1,932 hand tied boxes filled with goodies and protective wood wool sent all over Europe on a month specific date to the winners of a competition

Whatever you need sending and wherever the destination - MRM has you covered.

Call Caroline on 01858 414 761 or email caroline.duncombe@mrm.co.uk and quote JANSPECIAL to get a 20% discount on your account management & set up for all briefs quoted in January.

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