MRM has a proven track record in providing loyalty schemes to both brands and consumers. We understand that while the ideology behind loyalty schemes is, for the most part, the same across each sector, the differences come down to nuances in the brands and how we adapt to those.

We will work closely with you in a consultative and strategic manner as you decide all parameters and objectives of the loyalty scheme and offer our knowledge to ensure we are doing what is best for the brand.

We've helped to create a number of loyalty schemes for B2B brands with the principle objective of incentivising distributors/retailers of their products to increase purchase frequency & amounts.    

For example, we created on online scheme that incentivised retailers to register & receive forthcoming price promotions purchasing through their designated distributor. Submitting sales out data (to validate that products have been sold during the agree promo period, thereby avoiding stock piling) they then qualify for a post promotional discount.

Another scheme is aimed at driving sales through (Europe wide) dealers' own customers~ encouraging returns to the dealership for servicing, parts and branded merchandise (using specific business runs for each local market). We created a bespoke website to allow customers to view offers and redeem their points.

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