MRM Ecommerce Pick Face

Whether it be attracting new customers or rewarding existing ones, sales promotion offers many proven and established techniques that provide brand owners the chance to leverage an added value approach to driving sales over the desire to continuously reduce price. Whatever the motivation – trial, building penetration, awareness or loyalty – sales promotion gives the target customer or prospect an extra reason to buy.

It doesn’t need advertising campaign scale budgets to be effective and more often than not can use the best advertising medium available to an individual brand – its packaging.

We provide the systems & processes to make consumer promotional marketing campaigns and promotion handling happen.

Our promotional fulfilment portfolio includes:

  • Sampling campaigns using discounted despatch
  • Self-liquidating promotions
  • On pack coupons
  • Social media fulfilment
  • Instant win promotions
  • Cashbacks – in-house website development, claim validation & BACSs payments
  • Multi-channel competition handling – SMS, digital, post, IVR
  • Free prize draws – websites, fulfilment, prize sourcing
  • Scratch & Win promotions
  • Sourcing – from branded rewards to prizes

We’re also adept at accepting and mapping fulfilment data from many external sources and in different formats whilst adhering to GDPR requirements.

Most of our clients prefer to involve us early in their campaign planning process, using our knowledge and expertise to help them maximise impact and minimise cost and complexity.

We work direct with brands or your agencies to devise tactical and longer term campaigns that deliver the best customer experience for your brand. We continually exceed the fulfilment turnaround expectations of the digitally savvy consumer.

We’re agile in our approach to digital developments in promotional marketing, and employ our own developers who work closely with our project managers to discuss your objectives and provide technical advice.  

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