Customer services support is managed through our 40 workstation Customer Response Centre. Our agents reply to customer/consumer queries (calls/emails other routes) for all different types of campaign: mail order/ecommerce purchasing, promotions (tactical and longer term campaigns), subscriptions, queries for government schemes and also take orders.

We provide an empathetic and knowledgeable service and our aim is to meet an extremely high percentage first call query resolution. Skills based routing allows us to ensure that agents will only handle calls for accounts in which they have been fully briefed, and allow us to ensure a professional and knowledgeable response to customer queries.

  • We answer the call as your brand
  • We encourage client to get involved in staff briefings for scripting and tone of voice
  • All calls are managed within agreed SLAs
  • Calls are monitored to ensure quality of calls and information
  • Calls are managed using a Call Management System which provides live, real-time information.
  • Training plans include refresher training for updates on information/call scripts.
  • We provide information and feedback for reporting purposes or escalation
MRM Customer Services

For both telephone and email queries, we use customer data and status updates from our fulfilment system Alchemy, with appropriate notes added to the customer record (these can be tagged by type for future analysis).

For emails, we use the VisNetic MailFlow email management system. This applies routing rules to each inbound message to sort and processes the message to deliver it to the right agent group. Text-matching capabilities can route messages according to their "To" and "From" e-mail addresses, as well as the e-mail message body text, subject and headers. The system also has strong auto-processing features such as auto-reply, forward and copy, which ensures an immediate initial response.

For all query routes:

  • We work with you to forecast volumes of customer contacts for forthcoming campaigns to enable efficient resourcing.
  • Optional dedicated or non-dedicated operators (billed on an ‘as used’ basis).
  • Current volumes/trends are monitored, allowing contingencies where necessary.
  • Out of hours options include extended operator hours, use of our partner call centre, re-direction to website, voicemail, voice-forms or call back feature.
MRM Customer Support Service Centre