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Key points

  • Coupon clearing
  • Coupon processing
  • Coupon settlement
  • Free & live online reports
  • Retailer & manufacturing coupon clearing
  • UK clearing operations
  • Digital Webcoupon solution

Clearing, processing & settlement – all under one roof

Coupons & vouchers are a valuable way to drive trial and repeat purchase. MRM has an established heritage in the online and offline management and reporting of coupon clearing campaigns. We work with both brand promoters (FMCG/publishers) and retailer clients and understand the key objectives of both types of client.

Key service benefits for Manufacturers/Publishers:

  • Competitively priced clearing fees and clear financial reports/invoices
  • FREE and secure 24/7 real time digital redemption reporting
  • 'Webcoupon' consumer print-at-home product for digital platforms
  • Coupon Masterfile registration & advice on major multiple retailer initiatives
  • Fraud prevention support
  • Full support from concept planning through to completion – we can advise from launching your coupons to payment processing to reviewing coupon performance.

Key service benefits for Retailers:

  • Fully auditable processing and payment service to set SLAs
  • Detailed (branch level) retailer led marketing activity analysis for easy evaluation
  • Detailed payment documentation to assess cash recovery
  • Versatility: robust process for non-cash items
  • Sorting, scanning & invoice processing
  • Fraud prevention support
  • Long term & short term coupon storage options

Digital - Webcoupon

We offer a digital print-at-home Webcoupon product which can easily be integrated into brand campaigns.

In the past, coupon distribution has been driven by door-to-door, newspapers, magazines, direct mail and on pack. But now the industry is changing fast. Digital technology is impacting not just the way coupons are distributed but how they are redeemed.

Webcoupon allows personalised coupons to be issued to consumers, to print at home and redeem in store. With bespoke controls in place to limit the number of coupon prints, allow post options for consumers who cannot print at home and with live reporting – Webcoupon is widely recognised by brands and retailers as the preferred solution for print at home coupons.

Webcoupon does not require the consumer to download a plug in before printing, making it a simple process to choose your brand coupon, print and redeem in store. This minimises consumer queries, makes for a positive experience and allows you to get your coupons into the hands of consumers.

Fraud Prevention

We offer a wide range of support, including offering advice in prevention methods before the coupons are released such as duration, amount, value and unique features such as foil printing and URN’s. We also prevent fraud during the coupon clearing stage; our team possess the expert skills to quickly identify any fraudulent coupons and vouchers. From visual differences to the original version, or a different brand being used in the design to what is set up on our system against the barcode, to the feel and type of paper utilised.

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