MRM In House Fulfilment Platform Alchemy

Alchemy is our in-house fulfilment platform. Alchemy has continually been developed year on year in-line with new requirements and technological developments. All of MRM’s client accounts use this system with approximately 80% of commonality. The remaining 20% is where the system has been adapted to meet the specific need of individual clients. As we have complete ownership of the code we can manage this in-house, at speed and at reduced cost compared to service providers which use a 3rd party WMS. Management reports are generally provided on-line giving our clients direct access to real-time data and SLA performance.

One of Alchemy’s key strengths is its flexible functionality. There is one central account that holds the global programs, definitions and parameters used by all the Alchemy client accounts. However each client account can have its own local version of any of the programs, definitions and parameters that override the global versions. Therefore a client account can have bespoke functionality in one aspect of the system without having to maintain separate versions of the standard functions in the rest of the system.