MRM Hozelock Cashback Promotion
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Why are cashbacks such a valuable marketing tool? They are a smart way to attract not just new customers but to retain existing customers too. For brand owners looking to avoid the cycle of price discounting, cashbacks offer the chance to entice customers with a potentially higher reward than a point of purchase saving may offer. They also allow a brand to offer an incentive above and beyond the retailer price point, balancing product value with perceived reward. A digital communication platform (in addition to point of sale), allows the reach of a campaign to be extended, targeting the zero moment of truth when a consumer begins their journey of researching a potential purchase.

Cashbacks are a great way of engaging with your customers. We allow brands to merge this established promotional strategy with a proven digital platform to help them cut through the inevitable multi-channel marketing noise. It’s a technique that is not exclusive to the world of FMCG. Cashbacks are equally applicable to higher ticket items too – mortgages or electronic products for example.

We build campaign websites that are used to communicate the programme, data capture customer information and provide the platform for purchase verification. We have a strong heritage in running cashback schemes both in the UK and across international borders.   

Our digital platform allows for the creation of customer facing pages that easily integrate with brand websites.  The customer journey is intuitive and 100% digital. Our digital portals provide a wealth of information on just who is purchasing a product and where. Verification of purchase is made easier thanks to the ease with which a customer can digitally upload their details and proof of purchase. Our operational management ensures we can handle and verify all claims on a brand’s behalf. Clients have access to campaign dashboards which show real time reporting with fully auditable float accounting reports as standard. The data we collect allows brands to form a more detailed view of their customers and consequently offers brands the opportunity to use that information to cross sell and build ongoing loyalty.

We then provide appropriate disbursements direct to the customer’s own bank account in the appropriate local currency and we’ve worked hard to develop a network to allow us to offer UK and international cashback services at cost effective rates for brands. Rapid payment turnaround further enhances the customer experience. And should anything occur that is not to the customer’s satisfaction, we can provide query handling through our in house customer service team.

Have a look at some of the campaigns we have run both in the UK and the rest of the world here.