MRM Coupon Processing, Clearing and Settlement

MRM has an established heritage in the online and offline management and reporting of coupon clearing campaigns. We work with both brand promoters (FMCG/publishers) and retailer clients and understand the key objectives of both types of client.    We also have a digital print-at-home WebCoupon product which can easily be integrated into brand campaigns.

In the past, coupon distribution has been driven by door-to-door, newspapers, magazines, direct mail and on pack. But now the industry is changing fast. Digital technology is affecting not just the way coupons are distributed but how they are redeemed. And once again, we are at the forefront of pioneering new ways for brands to manage their coupon campaigns.  We're staying ahead of the major multiple retailer initiatives to 'scan and burn' in store and as we move ever closer to digital clearing we have already developed a system for consolidated redemption reporting.  This provides brands with a single source of campaign information, and alleviates the need to brief the retailers individually.  

Have a look here at why Coupons are still a valuable way to drive trial and repeat purchase.

Key service benefits for Manufacturers/Publishers:

  • Competitively priced clearing fees and clear financial reports/invoices
  • FREE and secure real time digital redemption reporting
  • 'Webcoupon' consumer print-at-home product for digital platforms
  • Coupon Masterfile registration & advice on major multiple retailer initiatives

Key service benefits for Retailers:

  • Fully auditable processing and payment service to set SLAs
  • Detailed (branch level) retailer led marketing activity analysis for easy evaluation
  • Detailed payment documentation to assess cash recovery
  • Versatility: robust process for non-cash items