05/02/2021 | Direct to consumer, brands

5 Brands that have implemented a direct to consumer strategy in the UK, and how this strategy could boost your business.

Throughout the last couple of years, there has been a rise in businesses adopting a D2C strategy. This creates many benefits to your business and customers. Not only can it provide additional revenue stream, and allow your business to reach a wider target audience, it can also contibute to creating stronger customer loyalty through offering a personalised, faster service. D2C allows a brand to inject its pesonality direct to the consumer – thereby delivering a more personal experience without reliance on traditional retail channels and boost overall brand/ market share.

See below several campaigns that we feel have implemented successful D2C strategies.  

1. Heinz to Home Scheme

During 2020 Heinz launched their new eCommerce website allowing customers to purchase bulk offer bundles, Christmas gifts (including personalised items) and to place repeat subscription orders. Heinz to Home also allows customers to keep up to date by being able to sign up for new product updates, news and offers. Click here to view Heinz at Home:   

2. Dollar Shave Club

This subscription service keeps male customers regularly restocked with their grooming needs and offers customers the flexibility to choose how often they would like their box. Their eCommerce site also offers a simple quiz that produces product recommendations, allows you to choose which products are ideal for your needs and shop individual items. Click here to view Dollar Shave Club website:

3.Function of Beauty

An added benefit of selling direct to consumers is being able to personalise the products and create a unique experience for all your customers.

A direct to consumer strategy for Function of Beauty has allowed them to do just this! A service directed at female beauty products based on offering 100% custom hair, skin, and body care, this site offers quizzes allowing the customer to customise their product. Each quiz allows the customer to choose from a range of goals, fragrance, colour, and even allows you to type your name onto the product. Creating a unique and personalised experience. Should be a must have for any beauty brand and Function of Beauty has it nailed!

Click here to view Function of Beauty website:

4.Happy Socks

Happy Socks eCommerce site allows customers to choose and purchase from a wide range of funky sock designs and multi-sock gift boxes for all ages and occasions all in one place. This business is aimed at the luxury gifting market.This successful venture has allowed the company to now expand into other product markets such as swimwear and underwear.

Click here to view the Happy Socks website:

An online homeware and furniture company cutting out the need to go to a showroom. offers a wide range of home furniture including sofas, chairs, tables, beds, lighting, accessories, and storage solutions. Allowing customers to purchase anywhere and at anytime. Click here to view the website:

All the 5 brands above are all very different in terms of business size (major retailers and new startups), products they offer (big bulky items such as sofas to small items such as a pair of socks!), and their unique experiences (from subscriptions to personalised items). Now is the time to look at incorporating a business to consumer strategy for your business and evaluate how you would like your customers to perceive your brand. If you would like any support or advice don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mel at [email protected] or give us a call on 01858 414 777. 

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