28/07/2020 | loyalty, covid, retention, customer, consumer

Covid 19: Old habits die hard? Top tips for customer loyalty & retention

Old habits die hard… so the saying goes? The brewers have been brewing, the pipes have been cleaned and the barman’s pulling his first post lockdown pints. Yet, the customers aren’t so keen, according to a YouGov Poll – 53% of regular pub goers are not wanting to return to the pub straight away1.
Loyalty programmes are a very simple, yet effective marketing technique to improve customer retention. One way you can incentivise and reward loyalty is by running point’s collector/ reward schemes. An established example of brands utilising such programmes are McDonalds and Starbucks, both of whom have run a simple scheme offering free drinks once their customers have collected stamps on their loyalty card from previous purchases.

So how do you entice once loyal customers back through your doors? ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ is an ambitious innovative scheme, however not all of us have coffers as deep as the government. However, at MRM we have worked with many established clients to entice their customers through the doors again and rebuild their customer’s old habits with effective loyalty schemes.

"Customer retention refers to the ability of a company or product to retain its customers over some specific period” (2)