12/10/2021 | Mystery Bag, Mystery Box, Black Friday, Christmas

How about selling a Mystery Bag for Black Friday / Christmas?

Is your company ready for Black Friday on 26th November 2021?

Consumers in the UK spent over 7.5 billion across the Black Friday weekend in 20201. It’s also been revealed that 70% of Britons surveyed preferred online shopping than instore, which is up from 50% pre-pandemic2. Not to worry there is still time to work out what your brand can offer this year! Not only is Black Friday highlighted for it’s weekend of sales, last year here at MRM we saw a rise in Mystery Bags / Mystery Boxes. So, the frequently asked questions - what are these? And why are they so great?

Mystery Bags/ Mystery Boxes

A mystery bag is a bag of contents which is unknown. A surprise package randomly picked, a lucky dip3. The cost per bag/box can range from £10 to hundreds of pounds.

Take for example the release of the Charlotte Tilbury Mystery 2020 Box which there were x3 boxes to choose from. All priced from £199 to £281 which contains on average 7 full-priced items4.

Benefits to brands or selling Mystery Bags/ Mystery Boxes?

-          Raising brand awareness

Mystery bags/boxes are a fantastic way of raising brand awareness. They can create excitement in a similar way to subscription boxes as who doesn’t enjoy a surprise? They are also perfect for treating yourself and you can give them as a gift. In addition, it’s become popular on social media of influencers sharing unboxing videos which can increase your brand’s customer reach.

-          New product lines, end of line products or excess inventory

Mystery Boxes are a great way of getting your product in front of customers. Are you bringing out a new product line & looking for more ways for your customers to try? This is the perfect opportunity for a customer to try and fall in love with your product which might encourage repeat purchasing. Alternatively, if you are looking to get rid of end of line products mystery bags are great for using up old stock lines which your brand is looking at replacing, meaning they don’t go to waste.   

-          Collecting consumer data

Whilst selling these bags online or in-store it gives your brand the chance to collect more information about your customers. This data can then be used internally to identify your target market and their thoughts and can be used for future promotions & mailings.

How can we support?

MRM are here to support with a wide range of services from collating and packing the items into the bags/boxes to despatching in bulk to stores or directly to customers.

We can support with:

-          Collation, pick & pack fulfilment - inserting the items inside the bag/box

-          Merchandise sourcing – providing support with items for inside the bag/box as well as branded items

-          Packaging – we have a wide range of eco-friendly packaging, or we can source bespoke packaging on your behalf

-          Storage – we can store your stock until your ready

-          Despatch – we can despatch directly to stores in bulk or we can send directly to your customers

-          Personalisation – we can also support with personalised bags from multiple personalised merchandise to handwritten messages.

Get in touch with MRM today to hear more about how we can support. Either call 01858 414777 or drop an email to [email protected]

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