13/11/2018 | Charities, Business Process Outsourcing, BPO

Every Penny Counts - Why outsourcing can deliver full value for Charities

Business Process Outsourcing has always promised value to charities. This article explores some of the other benefits that demonstrate it can be more than just a cost saving exercise.


30/10/2018 | Promotional Marketing, Campaign planning, Sales Promotion

How to plan the perfect promotional marketing campaign

We've distilled the the key considerations to help you plan and execute your next promotional marketing campaign.


09/10/2018 | charity, fulfilment, ecommerce, fundraising pack collation, deposit scheme, gift aid calculations

Charity starts at home...

Providing charity response handling services since 2010, MRM is the approved fulfilment partner to some of the UK's leading charities. From fundraising pack collation through to school deposit scheme management and Gift Aid calculations - MRM manages it all in-house.


25/09/2018 | Institute of Promotional Marketing, IPM, COGS Awards, making it happen, Christmas, MRM, Mentos, Sport Relief

131,040 minutes and counting

With Christmas around the corner, the Client Services and Commercial team at MRM are already busy briefing in new campaigns to the elves within Operations.


18/09/2018 | MRM, promotional marketing, Institute of Promotional Marketing, campaign management, procurement, marketing services, shopper marketing

Big data, too many TV channels & consumer expectations - how the world has changed in 25 years

For the last chapter of our review of 25 years in the promotional marketing industry, we talk to 3 brand owners to get their thoughts on the changes they've seen.


12/09/2018 | Promotional Marketing, Promotion Fulfilment, IPM, MRM

Some highlights from our first 25 years

In the final part of our conversation with our Executive Chairman, Peter Kerr reflects on some of the highlights of MRM's first 25 years.


05/09/2018 | Promotional Marketing, Future of Promotional Marketing

Back to the Future

In the second of our series of articles to celebrate our 25th anniversary, Executive Chairman Peter Kerr looks ahead to what's next for Promotional Marketing.


28/08/2018 | 25th anniversary, history of promotional marketing

Back to the Start

In the first of a series of pieces in celebration of 25 years of MRM, our executive chairman and founding partner Peter Kerr chats to us about how the business came to be.


10/08/2018 | Promotional Marketing, 25 years

Looking back on when we first met…you still turn me on!

These are rather provocative lyrics for a Friday afternoon, but as MRM is celebrating its 25th year of operation it seems rather appropriate as we still feel passionately about the UK promotional marketing industry!


20/07/2018 | stock management, digital, payment solutions, promotional management, customer service

Why the High Street’s loss may prove to be our gain

We used to be characterised as a nation of shopkeepers. Suddenly that tag doesn’t seem quite so appropriate. Barely a week goes by without some broadcast alluding to the pressures and demise of some of the bastions of our High Street.